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World’s Most Expensive Paintings

Do you ever wonder how art is priced?  What gives art it’s value?  Why an art collector pays millions of dollars for a piece of art and not another?   Very interesting documentary about the art world at it’s highest level.   This video explores topics such as what makes a piece of art appealing to collectors,  how art is procured,  priced,  and factors that influence value other than quality.

Artist Collaborates with 4-year old daughter; results are spectacular

Artist Mica Angela Hendricks got good press in the Motherhood Matters section of the online news channel website, KSL.COM.

Mica’s daughter kept trying to draw on her mother’s drawings so she finally let her and made the pieces a collaboration with her daughter.   Mica has turned these collaborate pieces into a style of it’s own.  A local reporter found it remarkable.

Below you’ll find an excerpt and link to the full article written by Robyn Garfield.

“AN ARTIST’S STUDIO — When artist Mica Angela Hendricks worked on some sketches in the presence of her 4-year-old daughter, she expected to work in peace while her daughter doodled in her own sketchbook. What happened next, and the subsequent results, took Hendricks by surprise.  (more) “

Can you find something remarkable about your art and who may want to write about it?