I believe that to achieve consistent online sales, an artist needs to build a following of at least 6500-10,000 people.   Artists are building followings of this size in anywhere from 3 months to several years with simple but consistent effort on a variety of social media channels or through their blogs.     My belief is based on conversations with individual artists and am in the process of putting together a survey so I can have raw data to share with you.

There are a variety of ways to sell art on line:  Personal blog,  on demand printing such as Fine Art  America, e-bay, etsy and others.   While the occasional artist may get “lucky” and make some unsolicited sales, count on having to drive customers to your online store.   When I first heard just how many fans were needed to make consistent sales I was initially disheartened.   The number does not seem so daunting now that I’ve started doing research as to how to go about building a community and looked through the pages of artists that have built communities.   I believe any artist can accomplish this.   Again and again, I see that success in building a community is just a matter of seeking out and connecting with people who like the type of art you are creating or what you have to share.   It’s not rocket science, it just takes long term consistent effort.  There are a number of great teachers that talk about how to build on line communities.  Though not specifically about art, the principles are the same.   Again and again, I hear the same basic principles re-iterated.   I have shared links and posts to the best social media coaches I have run across.


4 Ways to Use Social Media to Generate Leads:  Post and Podcast by Social Media Examiner

Making More Friends on Facebook : This post covers 3 strategies to grow your fan base.    1) Facebook like box 2) Target Friends of Fans with Facebook ads 3) Increase Engagement.   Strategies come from renown Facebook marketing coach Amy Porterfield with link to podcast.

Slide Share For Artists  Slide Share is a social Network mostly used by business people.   This is a social network that gives artists access to potential buyers without much competition from other artists or galleries.    This is a post with information on how a street artist is using slide share.

Noinga: How Artists Should use Internet  European Artist Community head speaks his thoughts on the best way for artists to use the Internet.  Link to youtube audio recording.

Can I make Money Selling Art on Line? Part III

Twitter – 7 Basic General Tips;   Link to 7 quick tips on how to use Twitter.  Good general principles for beginners.

Twitter Unfollow Tool  Did you get carried away following people, now you want to un-follow but don’t want to un-follow people following you?  Not all twitter interfaces allow you to figure out who is not following you.  This tool will help sort our your followers.

Youtube Artist Diary -over 11,000 views

Youtube Artist Sensation:  Want to create over 1 million youtube video views.  Post to an example of a strategy one artist used.

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